A campaign by the Regional Police Headquarters in Poznan: Safety talks on a tram


On 18 June 2019, a special tram left a depot and started travelling the streets of Poznań. The passengers were officers from the Regional Police Headquarters in Poznań and students from the city's schools - volunteers from the "4min4life" club who organized another edition of the campaign promoting safety during the summer vacations, first aid skills, and life free from narcotics and designer drugs.

The tram stopped at tram stops where passengers of the public transport system were informed about hazards present during the summer vacations and where methods of administration of first aid were presented. Also, leaflets and handbooks were given to the public.


After a few stops, the unique tram stopped at the Gwarna Street. This is where a first aid demonstration workshop was held. The participants of the campaign were students of the June 1956 Poznań Events Group of Commerce Schools in Poznań, as well as children and young persons from other schools in Poznań. The campaign was very popular among both the participants and passers-by who were eager to join it.


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