Workshop on cyber threats and presentation of the Threats Observatory for young people at the 22nd Educational Fair


On 23 March 2018, during the 22nd Educational Fair in Poznan the educational workshop was held. “Cyberthreats – safe on the Internet”. The event was addressed to pupils and teachers and was organized by the Teacher Training Center in Poznan and the Prevention Department of Polish Police Regional Headquarters in Poznan.

The aim of the classes was to raise awareness of dangers connected with cyberthreats and to indicate ways of recognizing and dealing with cybercrime in everyday life.


During the second day of the Fair, on 24 March 2018, was presented the idea of the “Threats Observatory for young people”. The assumptions of the project as well as information, training and preventive actions taken within the Observatory were presented. During the meeting, directions of activities within the recognition of threats affecting young people were defined and tools used to implement preventive tasks were presented.


In the events participated a total of about 1,000 people. The workshop and the presentation were organized as part of the activities of the “Threats Observatory for young people”.


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