The “Designer drugs destroy lives” information campaign has started


The preventive campaign related to the “Designer drugs destroy lives” program has started. In the Poznań tram depot, a press conference was held by representatives of all the institutions engaged in the project. Starting today, in Poznań, Leszno, and Konin, buses and trams will be seen in the streets, with posters reminding about the harm caused by designer drugs.

In Poznań, the residents will also see billboards and advertisements onboard of public transport; their author is a student of a school in Konin who won the contest titled “Designer drugs destroy lives.” The joint project “Designer drugs destroy lives,” which was initiated in 2015, has been conducted in the entire Wielkopolskie Province among children and young persons, and their parents, caregivers, and teachers. The activities performed as a part of the project, such as conferences, training sessions, happenings, and meetings with young people and their legal guardians, as well as representatives of educational circles, have increased the awareness of the threats associated with addiction.


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