Talking to parents about narcotics and designer drugs



Where to get help, how to determine if a child is under the influence of narcotics, what designer drugs and objects used for their consumption look like. This is only a part of the information that was provided by a police officer from the District Police Headquarters in Gniezno during a meeting with parents in the “Rodzice dzieciom” middle school.

.On Thursday, 27 October 2016, at the Middle School of the “Rodzice dzieciom” Association in Gniezno, a police officer from the Criminal Prevention, Minors, and Pathology Team of the District Police Headquarters in Gniezno, asp. Krzysztof Socha, met with parents and teachers.


During the meeting, the police officer presented the objectives of the Wielkopolskie Province’s program “Designer drugs destroy lives” conducted by the District Police Headquarters in Gniezno as a part of the project titled “Threats observatory for young people.” He also presented ways to deal with persons who have consumed drugs and to identify modern drugs. Also, asp. Krzysztof Socha presented accessories that can be used for consumption of narcotics and possible ways in which minors consume modern drugs.





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