Safety day in the High School No. 15 in Poznan


On 16 April 2018, the Polish Police Regional Headquarters in Poznan organized an educational and informational “Safety Day” in the area of Internet security as part of the project “Two sides of the Internet”. The event was addressed to students from the the High School No. 15 in Poznan

The action "Two sides of the network" was aimed at presenting young people as many advantages as well as dangers, waiting for young people using the Internet, by pointing out preventive solutions - providing them with security on the web, showing how to navigate and act on it, not to become a victim or break the law.


During the meeting knowledge about cybercrimes, ways of recognizing it and dealing with it in everyday life was provided, indicated ways to make children and youth aware of the dangers resulting from carefree and irresponsible use of the Internet. Police officers paid attention to apparent anonymity and excessive trust. The criminal responsibility

for prohibited acts committed in the Internet was also discussed.


With the aim of security on the Internet, police officers will regularly organized “Safety days” in the Wielkopolska Region. These activities will also involve probation officers, volunteers of the Bank Zachodni WBK Foundation and representatives of other institutions working within the “Threats Observatory for young people”.


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