PPBW’s conference on integrated prevention


We are deeply honored to invite you to participate in the conference titled “The role of integrated prevention in ensuring the safety of children and youth”. The honorary patrons of the event, organized by the Polish Platform for Homeland Security, are the Children’s Ombudsman and the Minister of Family, Labor, and Social Policy.

The key objective of the conference is to join the discussion on effective ways to implement integrated prevention, which consists in synchronized activities of institutions that have a direct impact on children and youth (schools, the police, courts of law, urban social aid centers, religious groups and many others). During the conference, the current directions of works conducted in the area of prevention by public institutions and non-governmental organizations will also be presented. The conference agenda includes presentation of preventive programs implemented in different regions of Poland that have been successful and can demonstrate good practices and constitute an inspiration to take similar actions elsewhere. One of the elements of the meeting will be an attempt to answer the question of whether a national prevention strategy is required. The accompanying event


An event that will accompany the conference will be a demonstration of the technologies and solutions for agencies and institutions responsible for security, developed in the framework of research and development projects financed in particular by the National Centre for Research and Development.


Attendance at the conference is free. Attendance requires prior registration using the form available at the conference’s website (www.ppbw.pl/konferencja-2017), or by telephone or email. The contact person is Mr. Jakub Horn (tel./fax no. + 48 61 663 02 21, mobile phone no. +48 665 122 802, e-mail: jakub.horn@ppbw.pl). Registration is possible before 27 November 2017. The number of attendees is limited.


We encourage you to attend the conference titled “The role of integrated prevention in ensuring the safety of children and youth”.


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